Song of Torrance

Red and gold lantana blooms Crab grass prickles bare feet Avocado tree and hazy purple hills - Vista from the hot tub Water warmed by parabolic mirror One of many inventions - Ideas, plans, musings Gadget bursting garage Dreams half-formed, many yet to come - Fragrant cedar chips Dancing branches of eucalyptus shadows Strawberry haven for the grandkids - Cousins, aunties, siblings, clan Catalina Island, saltwater…


Like Royalty

It was a Saturday afternoon. My friend and I wanted to go on a girl-date somewhere nice. We went to an Italian cafe--a favorite of mine--ordered a bottle of wine and some snacks, and sat out in front of the cafe. This cafe is also a coffee shop and a restaurant. To say that I love this place is an understatement. The very first time I…


Nurturing the Soul – Writing Retreat!

This last July, four of my dear writer friends and I took time away from work and family to gather in Seattle to write and live together for five days. When I was younger, this sort of thing was fairly easy for me to do (though I had less ability to earn and spend money than I do now), but now, in my present lifestage, time…


Be Awkward: An argument for minimizing miscommunication and assumption

“Awkward” Definition a: lacking social grace and assurance b: causing embarrassment Most of us don’t like being awkward. Sometimes we’re just unaware of the awkwardness in a situation and sometimes we mistakenly perceive a situation to be more awkward than it really is. Actually, I’m not sure *any* of us like being awkward. We don’t like saying something that could make others embarrassed or upset, or at the…



I can't state enough how much I love in-person conferences and the huge dose of energy infusions that I get from attending them. My most recent adventure was the Nebulas Conference in Anaheim, CA. Now that I'm easing into the process of volunteering for conference programming, it's a good feeling to get to take part in discussions that both help me and the other people on…


Costa Rica! Together!

Some of you know that my family (my husband and my two kiddos and me + my brother and his wife + my sister and her husband + my parents = 10 of us!) traveled together to Costa Rica at the beginning of 2023. It was a beautiful adventure. We got to swim on gorgeous beaches, watch incredible jungle life (monkeys! iguanas! parrots!), hike, zipline, explore,…


Finding My Agent: A True Story

I’ve wanted/dreamed/struggled for years to find a literary agent. I remember sitting in a quiet corner of the Northgate branch of the Seattle Public Library, hunched over a table with The Sell Your Novel Tool Kit (Elizabeth Lyon) lying open beside me as I tried to painstakingly write out a query letter. Every sentence was agony. It was like learning a new language in which I…


The Road to Publication (is a very long one!)

I had the opportunity to join several other authors online to speak candidly about our varied roads to publication and the surprises and lessons we've learned thus far. This is a lovely bunch of people and we had a great time together! The first ten minutes of the video were accidentally lost during the recording process and, lo-and-behold, as the salvaged recording starts I'm finishing up…


A Rough Start

Hi friends! It's been a while since I've checked in, and I want to explain part of that. The beginning of school was a *really* rough start for me and the kids this year. It's my fourth year of homeschooling, so I'd like to think that I have at least some of it figured out by now. My daughter entered kindergarten this year, which meant I…


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