Song of Torrance

Song of Torrance

Red and gold lantana blooms

Crab grass prickles bare feet

Avocado tree and hazy purple hills

Vista from the hot tub

Water warmed by parabolic mirror

One of many inventions

Ideas, plans, musings

Gadget bursting garage

Dreams half-formed, many yet to come

Fragrant cedar chips

Dancing branches of eucalyptus shadows

Strawberry haven for the grandkids

Cousins, aunties, siblings, clan

Catalina Island, saltwater shore

Sun-baked hikes, laughter and swimming

Funded by a quiet donor: You

Family and faith were worth it.

Triangles of metal

Form a dome against the sky

Sand play and make-believe

Golden days

Sacred, priceless life

Worth defending at high cost

Babies and children

Held your heart captive

Watermelon afternoons

Green-painted wooden steps

Secret door ringed with ivy leaves

Fountain circled by umbrella plants

Mandarin characters on water-logged pages

Glimpse the wonders of the world

That twinkling grin

Test your new vocabulary

On anyone who will listen

Wrinkled surgeon’s hands

Thick lenses on eyeglasses

Elaborate dinnertime prayers

A painting of bread and wine in a cup of gold

Flapping stripes of red and white

Stars sprinkle a field of blue

Proud and patriotic

Songs from your deepest heart

A soldier served, survived, strengthened

The war gave you back and you gave us

Your legacy of life

Family and healing

So many grandchildren to know and love

You didn’t waste what you had

Doctor’s skill and father’s heart

Scientist seeking a better way

To heal wounds on human flesh

Both body and soul

Hunger for healing

Grace and love are medicines, too

Stories of Jesus

The Lord was practical to you

Like ointment, stitches, or skin grafts

You danced on the ridge of sand dunes

Rode a waterslide cheering into a lake

Savored a sweet tooth for chocolate

Love for color and beauty

A burning need: Make the world better

And you did.

Grandpa, you did it.

In Memory of

William Dean Davies



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