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Magic. Wonder. Powerful relationships.

Elise credits much of her storytelling influence to a lifelong love of theater and childhood globetrotting. Her work focuses on themes of family, memory, and finding hope after a devastating loss. Her short fiction has appeared in Analog, Galaxy’s EdgeEscape Pod and FIYAH, among others. She lives with her family in Seattle in a house with huge windows that supplies her with vast quantities of UV light to help her stay happy. Elise is currently seeking representation on her next science fiction novel.

Early involvement in the theater left her with a taste for dramatic, high-stakes adventure while international travel gave her an awe and respect for world cultures. She graduated with a Creative Writing degree from the University of Washington where she was awarded the Eugene Van Buren Prize for Fiction, attended Orson Scott Card’s Literary Boot Camp in 2014, and won the Writers of the Future competition in 2018. Her short story “Untrained Luck” appears in Writers of the Future Vol 35.

Her novels include: Forecast (2013, Booktrope, 2019, Dragon Moon Press), and Guardian of the Gold Breathers (2013, Booktrope, 2015, Dragon Moon Press).

Through her fiction, Elise explores beauty within brokenness and finding healing after a devastating loss. She intends for her stories to offer light and strength for facing the darkness and disappointments of this world.

Publications, Interviews and more can be found on Elise’s PRESS/MEDIA PAGE

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