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The Road to Publication

Elise joins several other authors to speak candidly about the varied roads to publication and the surprises and lessons learned along the way.
March 2023

Interview with Edward Myers (@Gryftkin)

Elise discusses writing about family in SFF, Ireland as the magical setting for her historical fantasy, her fascination with in hidden doors and lost souls, a new novel in progress, and answers Q/A from a lively audience. Watch and listen to the interview here.

March 2022

Memory – Guest Post on The Astounding Analog Companion

Elise explores her interest in the theme of memory, the science of memory, and the compelling beauty, strengths, and flaws of human memory in the world and in her fiction. Read the essay.

March 2021

Interview with Popstar! Magazine

Elise shares her experience of winning Writers of the Future, taking the writing workshop in Los Angeles, her current novel project, and offers advice to aspiring writers in this interview with Popstar! Magazine.

September 2020

How My Life as a Young Mom Makes My Fiction Powerful

Elise discusses the massive challenges and symbiotic relationships between parenting and writing in this article on the Writers of the Future blog.

November 2019

WOTF Podcast Interview (Ep. 52)

Elise talks with Galaxy Press President John Goodwin about the struggles of writing as a young mom, the importance of asking for help and a grateful attitude. 

November 2019

Interview with Cascadia (Brehm) Residency

Elise shares about intersections between her art and her faith.

Click here to watch the interview (run time < 3 minutes)

October 2019

WOTF Award Ceremony Coverage of Elise Stephens

Details on Elise’s part in the Hollywood Gala and Award Ceremony celebrating Writers of the Future can be found in this article.

July 2019


WOTF Podcast Interview (Ep. 10)

Elise talks about her story “Untrained Luck,” how she is able to balance being a young mom and a writing career, and the middle-eastern conflict backstory to her award winning story.

April 2019

WOTF Video interview with Emily Goodwin of Galaxy Press

Elise shares her writing journey and the inspiration behind her award-winning short story “Untrained Luck” (published in Writers of the Future Volume 35).

April 2019

Radio interview on KORE with Ken Johannessen

Elise talks with Ken Johannessen about her Writers of the Future win and shares advice with aspiring authors.


March 2019

Cascadia Artist Residency – Lessons Learned

Elise reflects on her time during the Cascadia Artist Residency and what it taught her about writing and faith in this article published by Christ and Cascadia.

March 2019

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