The Most Dangerous Game

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Theodore Roosevelt Can you imagine having a child you love, and constantly comparing that little, fragile soul to the frightening, and competitive world around her? I’m not a mother, but seriously, that sounds heartlessly cruel. And yet, this is what comparison does to my heart (the child) every time I rank myself against someone else. I have friends who are…



I’m happy to report that my nervous twitch has subsided and I’m safely returned from beautiful British Columbia (and yes, I had a great time at my Canadian conference). This has been a week of really focusing what I have to say in my writing, and looking at my stories with the eyes of someone intent to slash out needless words. Dangerous work, when you think…


What I Didn’t Do in Canada

Multiple choice tests are as fun as you make them. I’ve designed my own, which tells the story of how I came, saw, and conquered the Surrey International Writer’s Conference. You may have witnessed the post on my eye twitch for how anxious I was to tread inside the intimidating world of agents, widely published authors, dinner and cocktail events. I promised to tell you how…



Examination of Symptoms: “When I touch the skin under my eye, I can feel the muscles twitch,” I tell my friend at our weekly coffee shop date.  I wrap my hand around my salted caramel latte as if it can hug me back. I need hugs like oxygen today. Earlier that morning I tell my husband, “This is a nervous twitch, not a caffeine twitch.” The…



Happy Friday! Writing has been steady but a little slow for me this week. My mind is going in a dozen places, and I anticipate it will stay this way for most of the month, but I’m hanging in there and trying to plan my work on a daily basis, rather than worrying about tomorrow. 1. Life is too short to spend it freaking out about…


The Introvert’s Survival Guide

To come "out of one’s shell” is an interesting idiom. I imagine the little turtle poking her head from her glossy green shell, wishing she could just stay home. It always seemed that the turtle was expected to chuck that embarrassing shell and get on with her life. But a turtle can’t actually leave its shell. I can’t actually shirk my need for quiet time. It’s…



Change is in the air this week! Light changes, life changes, temperature changes. The week began with a drag for me, but the spring is returning to my step as it closes. And seriously, the costumes doodles that people are sending in for the costume contest are making my day. You have till the end of this month to enter. 1. Fall means more full views…


Because I Knew You -Guest Post by Beth Maxey

Today I'm pleased to introduce you to my friend, Beth Maxey. I met Beth when we sat down at the same table in an Eastlake cafe and she smiled at me. Beth blesses people with a bright smile wherever she goes. I love that about her. In the writers' group that Beth and I share, we write out our work by hand for half an hour,…


Moonlight and Oranges Halloween Giveaway Contest

Lorona and Kestrin meet in costume at a Halloween party and the sparks fly under a full moon set high in an October sky as Moonlight and Oranges opens. Kestrin wears a set of white feathered wings and Lorona barely hides her nervousness behind nerdy glasses and a notepad. Costumes inject excitement and intrigue into any evening, in my opinion, and this story makes no exception.…


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