What I Didn’t Do in Canada

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman (credit: Looking Glass)

Multiple choice tests are as fun as you make them. I’ve designed my own, which tells the story of how I came, saw, and conquered the Surrey International Writer’s Conference.

You may have witnessed the post on my eye twitch for how anxious I was to tread inside the intimidating world of agents, widely published authors, dinner and cocktail events. I promised to tell you how it went.

Here’s the game: tell me in your comments, by naming the letter beside the event, which thing did I not do while I was in Surrey this last weekend?

A)    Found Jane Espensen, writer for Joss Whedon’s Buffy and Firefly, went fangirl and asked to get my photo taken with her (my camera decided to take a video of us because it wanted to embarrass me).

B)    Gave drugs (okay, it was just cold medicine) to the author critiquing my work.

C)    Sat at a table with a New York agent for my pitch appointment, talked about my novel, had a great connection, and received a lot of encouragement for my ideas and a request to send her the first forty-five pages of said novel.

D)    Told a bestselling thriller author, while in line for food, that he and I are patients of the same dentist (realized only afterwards how totally stalker-ish I’d sounded).

E)     Sweet talked my way into the Presenter’s Only lounge at the hotel to get my book signed by an author (they kicked me out five minutes later, but were very nice about it).

F)     Laughed in the audience at a slapstick horror radio play performed by Jack Whyte, Diana Gabaldon, and Anne Perry (all famous authors), involving a time-machine and several tongue-in-cheek references to English streets that were tinted “fifty shades of gray.”

G)    Struck the Wonder Woman pose in public, hands on my hips and shoulders back, to boost my confidence (because ten minutes before that, I was anxious enough to toss my lunch).

Remember, I did all but one of these. This should give you a nice flavor for how my trip went.

Questions? Ask me!

Happy guessing!

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  1. E!

  2. My first inclination was to say “E”, but I think you threw the Wonder Woman pic in as a red herring. My vote is “G”, because I really want you to have done “E”.

  3. I’m not going to say the right answer because I was there. However there is one up there I apparently missed hearing about. Elise, you must tell me about it later :).

  4. I thought E even before I read everyone else’s E. Even though E is for Elise.

  5. F, to add variety. 🙂

    1. All y’all, it’s time to reveal the answer. The general populace knows me too well–I am not a rule breaker. It’s once in a blue moon, if that, where I’ll try to break any kind of rule. So…I didn’t talk my way into the Presenter’s Only lounge. Though I did get all the signatures I needed elsewhere. The correct answer is E.

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