The Way I See It

Some of the most spectacular moments are the ones when something I’ve always seen one way changes, and I see it in a new light. One of the toughest cookies I know is a gal who trains at a CrossFit gym.  One day my heart melted when I realized she wasn’t just trying to outdo men with her badass exercise routine.  I saw a shield she’d…


Friday Five

Hope everyone had a great week!  And if it wasn't great, I hope you're finding the strength you need to face your obstacles.  Here's a glimpse of four things from mine, plus one photo: 1.  I've learned that no comparison of myself with another human being is ever good.  (I'll either get snobby or depressed) 2.  Just because someone's life looks awesome, according to their Facebook…


Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Steven Luna

I am very excited to introduce you today to Steven Luna.  Steven and I met through our publisher and the amazing world of Twitter.  I was immediately struck by his kindness in helping spread good news for others across the web, as well as a fun-loving attitude that was readily apparent in all his communications.  His photo says it in a nutshell...(scroll down to see what…


Repairing the Broken Circle

Last week, I sat in a circle of six women who’d gathered on a blanket under twin pine trees under a summer sky to save a friendship. If you’ve lived past the age of seven, you know how a friendship can go awry from an angry word, a lazy forgetfulness, a lie, etc.  What the world needs more of is love, and especially the brave love…


Friday Five

Friends, a fun way to close your week is brought to you by the Friday Five! Four things I learned this week, and one fun photo! 1.  I to see that no broken friendship is impossible to mend if each party is willing to speak the truth gently and listen to what the other has to say. 2. Pear gelato from Tutta Bella in Wallingford is…


Time for a Tune Up?

Hello all!  My monthly article from SheKnows Magazine posted today, and I wanted to share the news! I talk about four ways that help you and your sweetheart touch base and make sure the relationship doesn't fall into disrepair (an easy thing to happen, after the initial months of bliss and infatuation). Enjoy! Click here to read the 4 Keys to Healthy Relationships


Magic Mirrors

Remember in Beauty and the Beast when the heroine sees her father is ill and rushes to his side?  She sees it in a magic mirror. The same mirror draws her back to the Beast in his castle.  In fairy tales, the magic mirror shows things from a far part of the world or sometimes from the soul (think Snow White). When I look over my…


Friday Five

This week I've decided to add something short and fun to finish off the week.  The Friday Five is a collection of five things (this week it's things I've learned), 4 items in a list, and one fun picture.  I'm exploring this as I go.  Hope you enjoy it too! 1.The shadow of a tree and its leaves on the wall in the early morning sunlight…


Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Matthew R Merrick

Today I have the great pleasure to introduce Matthew R Merrick. I met Matthew on Twitter through a mutual friend and was quickly delighted by his humor and energy. We struck up conversations ranging from the ugliness of grammar Nazis to the best father/daughter dates. His two little girls are very lucky to have a good dad. Matthew is a writer full of life and passion…

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Treasure Box

I’ve been making these trips to Mexico for 13 years now, and I've never had stories that made me cry like this one. Jahir (Yah-EER) was the second eldest child of the family who received a house from my team.  He was a perfect model of gentle courtesy.  He shook hands to greet me and looked me in the eye whenever we spoke. When our American…


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