Friday Five

This week I’ve decided to add something short and fun to finish off the week.  The Friday Five is a collection of five things (this week it’s things I’ve learned), 4 items in a list, and one fun picture.  I’m exploring this as I go.  Hope you enjoy it too!

1.The shadow of a tree and its leaves on the wall in the early morning sunlight is one of the prettiest things to see when I write.

2. To cry openly lets other people feel they have permission to cry, too.

3. Remembering someone’s birthday is a big deal. Do it whenever you can.

4. Don’t discuss the racy/violent nature of Game of Thrones on an airplane, even if you just finish the novel and want to talk immediately. You will embarrass someone.


My husband and I playing dress up: Wash and Inara from Firefly








Have a great weekend, everyone!


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  1. I love you two! This is a lovely, refreshing post.

    1. So glad you liked in, Lainie! I’m so glad I married someone who likes playing with costumes. This Halloween we’re thinking of Mario and Luigi. Occasionally I belt across the house, “It’s me! MARIO!” to which he replies “Imma Luigi!”

  2. Thanks for number 2 I did feel like i had permission to cry after I saw you do it

    1. You are very welcome, Jeff. I’m glad it freed you. I am learning to stop apologizing when I cry. Why apologize when emotions are strong? They’re a beautiful thing.

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