Friday Five

Friends, a fun way to close your week is brought to you by the Friday Five! Four things I learned this week, and one fun photo!

1.  I to see that no broken friendship is impossible to mend if each party is willing to speak the truth gently and listen to what the other has to say.

2. Pear gelato from Tutta Bella in Wallingford is incredible (Seattle-ites, TRY IT)

3. There are times when two meaningful lines of conversation make an entire day of seemingly purposeless toil worthwhile.

4. Sometimes boys show they enjoy each others’ company via insults, “Listen, my idiot son, if you would get it into you teeny little pea-brain” = my dad’s endearing conversation with my brother.   *Elise will never understand men*


This is me (right) in college in a musical version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. I was the Spirit of Wind.


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