Friday Five

Hope everyone had a great week!  And if it wasn’t great, I hope you’re finding the strength you need to face your obstacles.  Here’s a glimpse of four things from mine, plus one photo:

1.  I’ve learned that no comparison of myself with another human being is ever good.  (I’ll either get snobby or depressed)

2.  Just because someone’s life looks awesome, according to their Facebook updates, doesn’t mean it is.  (Don’t forget to ask how are you?)

3.  If you’re overheated and, that someone wearing a cooler outfit than you, they might offer to swap you.

4.  Flirty toddlers do not evaluate your gender, age, or economic status before flirting.  They just go for it.  My cousin’s daughter is no exception.

5.  When I’m in Mexico with Club Rust I wear a radio, a huge hat for shade, and clothes that I don’t mind getting covered with dust.  But the best part is the conversations I get to have.  This is me with Sarai, elder sister to Jahir (the young man from my treasure box post)


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  1. Your #2 insight rings particularly true to me. It’s easy to have a put-together public persona that belies the brittleness beneath the veneer. May all of us have the grace to dig a little deeper and ask how things are really going!

    1. Scott, yes! I was just realizing how “fake” that image can be, and startled to know it’s true even of myself. I doubt I’ll ever post my deepest woes on the facebook public arena, but I sure as heck better remember that there’s so much more below the surface for each one of us. Glad it hit home!

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