Healthy Relationships

Relationships are multi-faceted and they certainly don't exist on a solely emotional plain.  Sometimes the topic of physical health becomes a roadblock in discussions.  Although it's not always this case, many women find themselves the ones who are more interested in staying in good shape, and having a conversation about  health with their less-excited man is challenging. I am reposting an article I wrote on this subject of…


Fog and Purpose

This post may strike you as rather philosophical, but there are seasons of our lives--and minds--when nothing else fits the bill. You hate it when the status quo is simply to pretend like everything is always fine and dandy, right?  And you equally hate it when people you know launch themselves from crisis to crisis as if they truly inhabit an endless chain of traumatic evens and…


Let Me Introduce You

Boy meets girl.  Girl smiles at boy.   Boy spends more time talking with girl.  Both appear quite interested.  Elise is oh-so-proud of herself because she's the one who introduced them to each other.  I have personally never been a successful matchmaker (the above mentioned couple is no exception, I'm sorry to say).  Have you ever tried to set up two friends?  One thing that almost always…


Sign Here, Please

Every writer gets them.  No one can escape them.  No one, ever, has been brilliant and perfect enough of a writer with universal tastes that everyone agrees with to evade the reality of bad reviews, angry comments, or rude messages.  Rest assured, this is not a rant about a horrible review I just received.  I'm actually quite OK with people publicly declaring if they don't like something I wrote. (In fact, if everyone agreed that…


Life Isn’t a Solo Sport

I don't care how brilliant or inspired my writing is on any given day, it loses steam if I'm doing everything on my own.  There's something indescribable about sitting right next t to someone while I work that transforms me, my work, and my time into something of increased worth.  Whether it's cleaning house side by side, brainstorming creative ideas together, or just voicing fears out loud to…


Sneak Peek at My Desk

I took this photo as I was getting ready for a sprint during NaNoWriMo.  My friend, who has done NaNoWriMo several times before, (I consider her one of the hardened, battle-ready pros), told me to take a "before" and "after" shot of my workspace, because it was about to slide from well-intentioned organization mode down the slope to complete insanity survival mode. The office didn't get quite as messy…


When the World Discourages

Last week I received my first writing review with some serious professional clout.  As you know if you've been following this blog, I was a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards this year for my novel Moonlight and Oranges, which is a huge honor and a nice pat on the back.  I'd never made it this far in a large contest before. After the quarter-finals, comes…


Music Calms the Savage Breast…and Whets the Creative Knife

Give a song lyric and a one sentence pitch for what your story is about.  This was the prompt that lead me to enter the writing contest hosted by Larry Brooks at The idea inspired me.  Writing contests are great practice for presenting yourself, but it's even better when they stir something inside you.  A week later I was in for a delightful surprise. I sifted through the words…


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