Dear Sunshine…I admit it…I need you

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I’ve decided I’m part plant.

You know, those things that start as a seed and uncurl little leaves?  It’s why I pout when my herb garden withers.  It’s why I lose pigmentation when I’m stuck indoors under thick cloud cover.  My mother, tongue-in-cheek, said she’d be a sun worshiper if she wasn’t a Christian, and I think that I’ve inherited her sun adoration.

Halfway through drafting this article, I searched the web for the HappyLight technology that creates natural light for plants like me who just can’t live without it six months of the year.

I had to face it: If I get depressed every single winter, why don’t I do anything to battle it?

I guess the answer is…laziness or even believing I’m overly dramatic if I actually need a light box’s help.

Inspiration struck me for this post while I was sitting in the sun in my backyard.  Ahem, if that isn’t a sign, please tell me a better one.

I’m learning to give myself regular doses of the sun I crave.  I can trick myself by calling it ‘doctor’s orders.’ (I’m Vitamin D deficient, according to my naturopath.)

Sometimes it’s the simple stuff.  Summertime will make this new practice easier, but it’s still a wake-up call for me.

This isn’t just an excuse to sunbathe.  I’m still convincing myself that I’m worth time in the sun.  Sometimes, it takes a bout of dark-induced depression (most recent one hit me this March) to realize the truth, but as long as I don’t completely miss the memo, I’ll count it a win.

See you in the sun.

Any other sun addicts out there? Let me know your stories.

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