Stand Up: (A mental health reminder for introvert parents)

I’ll rush to defend a friend, but cringe and sometimes fall silent when it comes to defending myself. I once loved to argue. I am still easily riled up. When it comes to protecting time to myself, to write, to sleep, to speak to no one, I am apologetic yet fiercely determined. I explain to my husband that my attitude of distant exhaustion is not so…


Without Peace

Productivity is "my thing." I wake up with my to-do list spinning in a loop through my mind. I often try to knock off a few things while my son eats his breakfast, so that I'm set up in the lead for the rest of my day. I'm often a few minutes late to an appointment because I've tried to squeeze in *one more thing* before…


Interior Design for the Mildly Depressed

I recently heard a lecture on interior design and how it links to our personalities as well as our mental health. Hrmmm, I can't say my gut reaction was particularly positive. “I’m in a group of new moms, listening to someone tell me that I need to make my house a lovely, aesthetic piece of art so that I can feel more at peace when I'm…


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