Abandoned for Christmas

Sometimes the worst memories are also the best. As a child, my family and I grew up very tight-knit and close.  I spent every single December 25th with my parents and siblings from the day I was born till the year I turned twenty.  That year, my mother decided she wanted to go to Guatemala for her birthday, December 24th, and she went with my dad and…


My Dad’s Dragon

Cross a bridge of alligators and lollipops, braid the tangled hair of a ferocious lion, rescue a blue and gold baby dragon from cruel slavery...isn't this the stuff that a kid's dreams are made of?  Before I started reading books to myself, my dad was reading them out loud to me.  My Father's Dragon was a clear favorite from my childhood, but not just because the story was awesome…


Write for Those You’ll Impact

Today, I'm prepared to delve into the emotional side of writing.  It's my homage to the holiday.  Valentine's Day, at least in our culture, has been dedicated to red paper hearts, flowers, creme-filled chocolates, expensive dinners and anything else you can put a Hallmark icon on.  Then there's the flip side of Valentine's Day for all those singles out there--and though that's not me anymore, I've been there…


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