Friday Five

This week was a quiet one for me!  Lots of work, a little more sleep due to lowered spirits, but I think I’m making a comeback.  Here’s a glimpse:

  1. When you receive a compliment, it’s better to write it down and treasure it, in case a busy schedule pushes it out of your mind, and then the kind word was wasted.
  2. Learning to not compare myself to others starts with facing the things that make me crazy with envy/depression and saying “It’s okay.  God has my path for me.”  And then I go back to my work.  It’s a discipline.
  3. I really can be dedicated and passionate about my career without being a freak (I just read the essay “Are Women Human?” by Dorothy Sayers).
  4. Song lyrics are among the most haunting and inspiring fairy dust on the face of the earth.
  5. This pic is from Italy last September: On top of the Duomo in Florence.  They charge you an arm and a leg to get up there (you can’t see my missing leg in this picture) but the view is AMAZING!  I actually had vertigo and kept clawing James’s arm I was so nervous!

    Atop the Duomo in Florence


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  1. Thanks, Scott! 🙂

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