Costa Rica! Together!

Some of you know that my family (my husband and my two kiddos and me + my brother and his wife + my sister and her husband + my parents = 10 of us!) traveled together to Costa Rica at the beginning of 2023. It was a beautiful adventure. We got to swim on gorgeous beaches, watch incredible jungle life (monkeys! iguanas! parrots!), hike, zipline, explore,…


Facing the Storm

Like a wise traveler, I plot my course for days before I begin. I make careful plans, with a clear head, and no rushing. I then board my ship, check my charts, and run a finger along the map’s inked path from my port to the island I hope and pray to reach. It will test the limits of my endurance. The first days go smoothly.…


Strange Beauty

On the back of my laptop is an orange oblong sticker that reads, Beauty will save the world. It’s no coincidence that my favorite fairy tale of all time is Beauty and the Beast. A young girl enters a dark stone castle in order to save her father, and through the power of her friendship, shreds the spell that enshrouded the selfish heart of a prince…


Friday Five

This week was a quiet one for me!  Lots of work, a little more sleep due to lowered spirits, but I think I'm making a comeback.  Here's a glimpse: When you receive a compliment, it's better to write it down and treasure it, in case a busy schedule pushes it out of your mind, and then the kind word was wasted. Learning to not compare myself…


I Swear I Didn’t Pack That

The following is a real-life account of a girl who almost got in major trouble with SeaTac airport security. I'm what most people would call a "good girl."  I like pleasing people and maintaining order.  But, below the surface of me, lies my fear of doing something wrong. I wasn't afraid when I sent my carry-on backpack through the airport X-ray.  That's because I didn't know the…


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