Friday Five

This week, in honor of the music theme of my Monday post, I’m selecting some favorite songs that describe my week and state of mind.  If you click to the YouTube videos, I suggest not watching the videos with them (the images ruin the magic for me, personally) but if you listen to them, you’ll get a soundtrack for my week.

  1. I am the Luckiest, Ben Folds –This song is a reminder of how many things I should be thankful for, remembering how lucky I am.  I’ve been getting stuck, wishing I had things I don’t have.
  2. Rebel Heart, The Corrs–I wanted this for my bridal march ever since I saw it used in a friend’s home video. It makes me think of fairy weddings of the forest.  I’m more thankful for my husband than words can describe.
  3. Symphony No. 7, Beethoven–I feel color and adventure and passion kindle in my chest when I hear this piece – my heart rate actually increases.  I’m craving adventure right now.
  4. Haven’t Met You Yet, Michael BubléAlthough he sings this in a romantic context, this is a very upbeat encapsulation of longing for something I don’t have yet—which was super strong in me this week (sensing a theme?), on multiple levels.  I want to be content where I am, but still filled with hope, like this guy, for what’s yet to come.
  5. And since it’s all about music this week, this picture is my brother, sister, mother, and me singing in our a capella quartet Batteries Not Included.  We were buskers down at Seattle’s Pike Place Market one summer.  We didn’t make a fortune, but we had a great time.

    Singing “Hey There Little Red Riding Hood”



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  1. Elise! You were buskers? Is there footage of this anywhere? I would love to hear you guys, especially since that picture shows how much fun you must have had! Your family is amazing.

  2. Natalie, I’m not sure we have footage of this, but it’s possible… It was several years ago, when we all lived under one roof (i.e. before I got married! :)) We do still sing sometimes…there are a few songs that we all remember.

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