Friday Five

Hope everyone had a great week!  And if it wasn't great, I hope you're finding the strength you need to face your obstacles.  Here's a glimpse of four things from mine, plus one photo: 1.  I've learned that no comparison of myself with another human being is ever good.  (I'll either get snobby or depressed) 2.  Just because someone's life looks awesome, according to their Facebook…


It All Counts

You've heard me say this: Keep writing, no matter what. But what if I'm sick as a dog, with a fever and a headcold and I can't stop blowing my nose for fear of asphyxiating on my own mucus? That was me last week. Gross!  Too much information!  I hear you say.  I know, I know.  But every now and then, even we writers get deathly illl.  How are we supposed…


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