Letter to My Firstborn

Dear Little One, I write this letter early in the morning light. It’s the day when I’ll find out a huge part of you. In the moments before I learn whether you’re a little boy or a little girl, I cradle my tummy and feel the warmth there. You’ve been keeping me up at night. Perhaps you get restless when I am restless. Can you feel…



Sleep, little child, and dream for me Dream me a white-plumed apple tree All a-bloom in the early spring Dream me a song to sing -“Apple Tree,” Songs from Dreamland From lullabies to We-Sing videos, I spent hours and hours of my childhood singing. I never forgot what I sang. There was collection of lullabies called Songs from Dreamland that my parents played on a cassette…


Creative Republic: An Overview, Part Two

In this second post on my Creative Republic map, I have a few more creative territories of my mind to explore. Canyons-These are the dangerous and blessed places where I can chuck all of my discouragement and worries. I let them tumble into my canyons, then offer up a prayer, and walk away. I know I may never be fully rid of my doubts, but I’ll…


So Much Happening!

As most of you know, my pregnancy has been knocking the wind out of me—more literally, I’ve been an exhausted clump of hormones for the last few weeks and it hasn’t been pretty. However, I take this giant energy-drain to mean that the Child Within will be an awesome force to be reckoned with…and that still makes me smile. My firstborn isn’t the only thing consuming…


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