So Much Happening!

hillsAs most of you know, my pregnancy has been knocking the wind out of me—more literally, I’ve been an exhausted clump of hormones for the last few weeks and it hasn’t been pretty. However, I take this giant energy-drain to mean that the Child Within will be an awesome force to be reckoned with…and that still makes me smile.

My firstborn isn’t the only thing consuming me.

My second novel, Forecast, is officially in the hands of an editor who makes my toes dance. Once I hear back from her, I’ll dive deep into the shadowed cave of desperate editing and emerge grizzled and slightly malnourished. I’m psyched to get started! (At least, I am when the baby allows me to be something other than lethargic or nauseated!)

So, there’s my baby’s approaching arrival, another book (I like to think I’m delivering “twins” they’re just two different kinds of children), and I have a short story coming out even sooner. This is the circus story, Tightrope, that I mentioned earlier. There’s an awesome fortune-teller with an attitude, a love story, and a ringmaster with a glass eye that he claims can see your thoughts. Can’t wait to show it to everyone!

Clearly, I’m a multi-tasker. I like to stick my paintbrush into at least three pots at a time. It’s just more exciting that way.

Somehow, I have more energy when I have more to do. Does that ever happen to you?

P.S. If you’ve ever wanted to be an early reader for my projects, I’m always adding to my list. Email me at to get on my early reader list.


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  1. So happy to hear of all these wonderful happenings in your life Elise! Congrats for both your “babies”. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Susie! It’s definitely an exciting time of commotion, and I thrive in these. I hope my babies don’t mind that their mommy likes to work so hard!

  2. I finished college carrying my second child. I can still remember the look on my prof’s face when I rolled into the classroom, big smile on my face.

    1. Jan, that’s such an achievement! Good for you! There are days when accomplishing anything seems impossible, and then other days when I get a spurt of strength–and it’s exactly what I needed. I’m glad you surprised your professor and showed them just what is truly possible when you’re determined.

    1. Thanks, MaLinda! I’m headed for a lot of change and excitement and work…and of course, that actually makes me happy!

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