Creative Republic: An Overview, Part Two

In this second post on my Creative Republic map, I have a few more creative territories of my mind to explore.

canyonCanyons-These are the dangerous and blessed places where I can chuck all of my discouragement and worries. I let them tumble into my canyons, then offer up a prayer, and walk away. I know I may never be fully rid of my doubts, but I’ll deal with them as best I can.

farm2Farmlands-I love order and signs of regular growth. When I tend my projects, I plant and water my endeavors according to a routine, and I watch with joy as they rise in orderly rows from the soil. I giggle when I tell my more spontaneous friends about this place. I can’t help but love order.

cave Caves-These are the places I wish I didn’t visit, but I’d be a liar if I denied their existence. I struggle at times with low levels of depression, and cry out for meaning, purpose, direction, or just a little more sunlight. I retreat inside my caves, and only my dearest friends can walk to the mouth and pull me with their gentle hands back into the fresh air.

islandsIslands-These are the playful places, full of wind, brightness, and the lapping sound of waves. When I feel boundless and energetic, I glide inside a kayak and paddle around the islands. Everything I see in my visits is potential inspiration, and my skin always returns glowing.

What landmarks would define your own Creative Territory? What landmarks define your life?

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  1. Good question. I would say bridges that take you from one point to another. Primarily covered bridges. It’s always a mystery to go over a covered bridge.

    1. Covered bridges are indeed mysterious! I like this one, because it means you have to walk over open space to reach solid ground again.

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