Where it All Began: The Story of “Two-Tone”

Where it All Began: The Story of “Two-Tone”

Friends, I’m pleased to introduce you to “Two-Tone,” a fantasy short story that hails from my lumastration universe. It is the fourth story from this world and, interestingly, the very first one I wrote about lumastration.

If you’ve read some of my other short stories in the world, you’ll recognize the characters of Estil and Nerr and a brief mention of Hallis.

I dreamed up the idea for “Two-Tone” while I was sitting at my kitchen table in my little townhouse, writing with a friend during the precious stolen time while my little son took his nap upstairs.

That same boy is 10 years old now. This story has been a long time coming into the world!

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, lumastration is the magical art of painting that infuses the paint with the artist’s emotions so that viewers of the artwork experience those same emotions. It can be used for great good or great evil. It can bear hidden messages. In all cases, it’s not a craft to be taken lightly.

“Two-Tone” is a story of heartbreak and secrets, of giving second chances and suffering on behalf of others. It’s about art as an act of service.

Stories from my lumastration universe that have been previously published include: “War Painting,” “Drowned Prison,” and (free to read) “Focal Point.”

“Two-Tone” appears alongside many other fine works in the pages of Stupefying Stories #25, edited by Bruce Bethke.

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