Where it All Began: The Story of “Two-Tone”

Friends, I'm pleased to introduce you to "Two-Tone," a fantasy short story that hails from my lumastration universe. It is the fourth story from this world and, interestingly, the very first one I wrote about lumastration. If you've read some of my other short stories in the world, you'll recognize the characters of Estil and Nerr and a brief mention of Hallis. I dreamed up the…



As a little girl, my favorite color was red for the longest time, but then the Power Rangers came along and I switched it to yellow (because the Red Ranger was a boy and I wasn’t about to be like every other girl who liked the Pink Ranger.) Colors are clearly emotional for me. Yesterday I was painting a landscape for my husband (see below). He…


Painting is Related to Writing Fiction?

A friend of mine recently noticed that a painting in my dining room was an original with my name in the corner.  He told me that he wanted to know more about the part of me that studied and loved painting,  not just the isolated section of me that identifies with stories and being a wordsmith. Another friend asked me, how does my love for painting,…


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