2022 Awards Eligibility Post

2022 Awards Eligibility Post

With nominations for the Nebula Awards just around the corner, it’s time to post my list of works published in 2022 that are eligible in the Short Story categories of the Nebulas and Hugos, etc.

Links to read the stories online will be posted below when available.

A huge thank you to my critique group, to my enthusiastic readers, and to the editors who’ve shown passion and excitement for my projects. 🙂

If you’ve read one or both of this year’s stories, you might recognize elements from the lumastration universe–which first appeared in print via “Drowned Prison” (Galaxy’s Edge, Issue 48) in January 2021. I’m currently revising a novel set in this same lumastration world and I’ve been pleased to discover that the SFF world is excited to read these kinds of stories too! Yay!

Short Stories of 2022

  1. “Focal Point” (Haven Spec, Issue 4, May 2022) – This story began as a much larger novelette, an exploration of grief, shameful secrets, and the vulnerability of the road to emotional healing, all through the lens of “lumastration”: a painted art form that allows its artists to infuse their own emotions into the paints.
  2. “War Painting” (Gilded Glass: Twisted Myths and Shattered Fairy Tales, WordFire Press, July 2022) – A frustrated young artist joins the war effort in hopes of making a name for himself by lumastrating paintings that will be used to psychologically destroy the enemy. A peek into the dark side of ambition and its cost.

I hope you enjoy reading these! (And if anything else pops up in my publications before the end of the year, I’ll add it to this list!)

For fun, here’s some beautiful art made by an AI (thank you, Midjourney!) that generated this image from a prompt I wrote from my novel, The Counter-Ward.


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