I’m happy to report that my nervous twitch has subsided and I’m safely returned from beautiful British Columbia (and yes, I had a great time at my Canadian conference). This has been a week of really focusing what I have to say in my writing, and looking at my stories with the eyes of someone intent to slash out needless words. Dangerous work, when you think…


What I Didn’t Do in Canada

Multiple choice tests are as fun as you make them. I’ve designed my own, which tells the story of how I came, saw, and conquered the Surrey International Writer’s Conference. You may have witnessed the post on my eye twitch for how anxious I was to tread inside the intimidating world of agents, widely published authors, dinner and cocktail events. I promised to tell you how…


Friday Five

This week I've decided to add something short and fun to finish off the week.  The Friday Five is a collection of five things (this week it's things I've learned), 4 items in a list, and one fun picture.  I'm exploring this as I go.  Hope you enjoy it too! 1.The shadow of a tree and its leaves on the wall in the early morning sunlight…


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