Slow Motion (Part 2)

Last time, on the blog, I talked about my (very ingrained) habit of working hard and fast (and too much) and always staying busy. I'm continuing the thoughts here. I have a lot of passions. Last fall, I knew I wanted to work with and help the unhoused community in Seattle. I wanted to sing in an all women’s choir that a friend of mine was…

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I'm a bit obsessed with prioritizing. Sometimes I divide my life so carefully into priorities, I create a hierarchy of things that are "worthy" and "unworthy" of the time I can presently give. This works fine and helps narrow my focus when I'm in survival mode. It allows me to just do what I can to meet immediate needs and make sure nothing catches on fire…



Safety. Somewhere to fall back on if everything else is blown to pieces. The bunker where we re-charge our life force, restock ammunition, and recalibrate strategy. Checkpoints. Video games place these at intervals throughout each level. As long as we can drag our butts to a checkpoint, we can save our progress. That way, if the alien invaders or the radioactive zombies attack, maim, and murder…



And now for something completely different! I took this week off of my official writing schedule.  Still kept busy with various projects and ideas, but released myself from the strict routine I normally adhere to.  In it's place, I planned one fun thing for each day of the week, and had a delightful turn out. Saturday: I went to the Renaissance Faire in my area, dressed…


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