When Everything Aligns

It starts with the heart. I ached for my dear friend who had needed to see a career counselor for many painful years, yet life and fear continued to prevent this.  I'd lay awake at night, praying there was something I could do. It's scary as hell talk about your future. It often means facing all the corners of life where you settled for "safe." I've…

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Life Teammates

Every time I stay in my house for a long time in isolation and start gobbling huge quantities of chocolate to deal with my stir-craziness, I'm reminded that the hermit lifestyle was not designed to be a life-long gig. The human condition comes with a hardwired need of others.  I need companionship, affection, feedback, encouragement, teamwork, as well as.... I discovered, based on an assessment, that I…


Because I Knew You – Guest Post by David Slater

You are in for a treat.  This post is penned by my friend David, who I met through a swing dance club at the University of Washington.  I watched him learn to dance and get really awesome at it.  Since then, David and I have taken The Artist's Way course together and from the deeper friendship that formed, chatted lengthily on life, faith, creativity, love, and dreams. …


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