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My friend and I at one of our illustrious writing sessions

Every time I stay in my house for a long time in isolation and start gobbling huge quantities of chocolate to deal with my stir-craziness, I’m reminded that the hermit lifestyle was not designed to be a life-long gig.

The human condition comes with a hardwired need of others.  I need companionship, affection, feedback, encouragement, teamwork, as well as….

I discovered, based on an assessment, that I need a manager with an open door policy who I can go talk to about anything.  This is for my life and my writing.  No wonder I talk my husband’s ear off every night at dinner.  (Sorry honey!)

Panicked thoughts that ran through my mind after learning this:

1. I need a personal manager! 

2. I don’t have money to just go hire someone.

3. Who/how/where do I even start? 

4. Why am I so needy?

Answer to #4: Because, darling, you’re human.

I divulged my distress to a writing buddy who I meet with on Fridays. To my amazement, she volunteered to be my manager. (I promise, I wasn’t fishing for this!)

She had me brainstorm a list of questions I’d want to ask/be asked by this hypothetical manager. Then I created a simple spreadsheet.  Nerd alert: If you want to see my personal management checklist (maybe it’ll make sense, maybe you’ll call me OCD) here it is : Elise Personal Manager

So far, the best part of this friend management is talking through my distractions.  Such as: how much I freak out about book sales or how ridiculously unattainable my weekly goals are.

My friend is a writer, and shares my passion and can sympathize.  But still…

I would never in a million years have expected her to help like this.  I didn’t realize my answer was sitting next to me, smiling in the sunshine with her notebook and pencil.

Friend, you know who you are.  Thank you.


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  1. Ooooooh, fellow OCD Nerd, I love the spreadsheet! What a smart and generous buddy you have.

    1. Thanks, Leslie! Glad the spreadsheet makes sense to you. And yes, my buddy is amazing!

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