2021 Awards Eligibility

2021 Awards Eligibility

I have been honored to see three pieces published this year! They’re eligible for awards in this nomination season, so if you enjoyed any or all, I would appreciate your vote!!

My Work:

Drowned Prison” (Galaxy’s Edge, January 2021) – When a series of unexplained murders arises among the inmates of Kardag Prison, the search for answers brings a warden and a master painter into questions about redemption, healing, and the price of war.

Recollection” (Analog, March 2021) – A government worker sent to study yet another desert town on the brink of collapse finds that locked and forgotten memories may hold secrets even more precious than a glimpse of a beautiful world now lost forever.

First Leaf” (FIYAH, December 2021) – A feminist fairy tale involving a magical fig tree and its gift of invincibility that brings together two women on a quest that requires bravery and defiance of societal expectations.


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