2021 Awards Eligibility

I have been honored to see three pieces published this year! They're eligible for awards in this nomination season, so if you enjoyed any or all, I would appreciate your vote!! My Work: "Drowned Prison" (Galaxy's Edge, January 2021) - When a series of unexplained murders arises among the inmates of Kardag Prison, the search for answers brings a warden and a master painter into questions…


Fantasy Mystery – “Drowned Prison”

I'm pleased to present you with a new story for the new year! "Drowned Prison" appears in Galaxy's Edge #48 and is now available! I get to share this issue with talented and established SFF authors as well as with Kai Wolden and Mica Scotti Kole, two fellow Writers of the Future authors from WOTF 35. My story is a mystery set in a rather creepy…


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