Memory – A bit of an obsession…

Memory – A bit of an obsession…

Friends who are familiar with my writing know that some themes tend to come up again and again in my stories. Two such themes are family and memory.

I decided to dig around on the topic of why I find human memory so fascinating in this blog post that appeared in Analog’s blog, The Astounding Analog Companion. It was published as a companion piece to my story “Recollection” which is part of the Analog March/April 2021 issue.

Another piece, which I reference in the essay, that deals with both family and memory is my short story “Inheritance” (EscapePod, Oct 2019). A third piece, which has yet to find a publisher, but which also deals with family and memory is titled “Remembrance in Cerulean”–it involves submarines and aquatic sea aliens. I hope to be able to share that one with you soon, too!

In the meantime, here’s the essay on memory! I hope you enjoy it!


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