Song of Torrance

Red and gold lantana blooms Crab grass prickles bare feet Avocado tree and hazy purple hills - Vista from the hot tub Water warmed by parabolic mirror One of many inventions - Ideas, plans, musings Gadget bursting garage Dreams half-formed, many yet to come - Fragrant cedar chips Dancing branches of eucalyptus shadows Strawberry haven for the grandkids - Cousins, aunties, siblings, clan Catalina Island, saltwater…


Like Royalty

It was a Saturday afternoon. My friend and I wanted to go on a girl-date somewhere nice. We went to an Italian cafe--a favorite of mine--ordered a bottle of wine and some snacks, and sat out in front of the cafe. This cafe is also a coffee shop and a restaurant. To say that I love this place is an understatement. The very first time I…


Walk with Me

Grief is a deep pit. My whole family fell into it this year. Most recently last month. None of my friends can pull me up out of that dark place. And yet, a brave soul can climb down into the sadness with me and stand there, holding my hand and even supporting my frame so that I don't fall over. If you are someone who isn't…


Wet Earth

Yesterday we buried our dead baby. This is going to be a sad post, so read on only if you choose to bear witness to a grief that is too often silenced. For those of you who know my family, my 18 month old son is perfectly fine and healthy. It's his younger sibling I refer to. January was a dark month for us. We had…


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