Friday Five

This week, I’ve been noticing a significant increase in my levels of joy and contentment.  I sang Take it Easy by the Eagles to my husband this morning to wake him up while Spotify played a karaoke track for me in the background.  Things are looking up!

A few things that struck me this week:

1. Helping a friend, when it’s something I love to do anyway (like talk about how to write something) doesn’t feel like work at all.  It feels like pure happiness.

2. Being 26 years old and crazy-ambitious (my version of the adjective) is a blessing and a curse, but I’ve been promised that I won’t feel as much pressure to perform when I hit my thirties.  Guess that means I’m on this roller coaster of emotional insecurities of young adult biology for a few more years…who would have thought? 😉

3. Talking to babies on the phone is the best.  Especially when they nod in answer to your questions because they think you can see them.

4. I don’t have to be qualified to comfort who’s going through awful stuff.  I just have to love my friend bravely, and be willing open my heart to their burden.  Also, giving a gift along with words of comfort makes the love that much more tangible.

5.  Going to things designed for kids allows you to play more freely.  Adults sometimes forget how to have fun.  If you’re ever in San Francisco, I recommend The Exploratorium (kind of like the Pacific Science Center to you Seattle-ites).  James and I loved playing with all the exhibits, and the scientific explanations were distilled for maximum comprehension, in my humble opinion.

in the mirror room
Room of mirrors: Which is the real Elise & James?


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