I was gone at a writing retreat last Friday, thus the missing of the Friday Five, but we’re back!

This week, you’ll get three things I learned, a picture, and a bonus (because I’m excited to share it with you!)

1. If you’re someone who loves a schedule, make sure to let others know that you still love and respect them, even if they’re not as organized as you. Schedule-efficiency is not the same thing as morality. Ha! (I’m laughing at myself here)

2. When you see that a friend looks distressed always assume that they want you to talk to them. If they need space, they’ll tell you. But don’t assume they need space. Don’t risk leaving them alone.

3. Things that look dead, aren’t always dead. An apple seedling of mine withered and looked like it gave up. But I didn’t have the heart to uproot it. I just kept watering the brown stalk. It’s got huge leaves now!




4. Here’s your bonus! I’m very excited to announce that I’ve created a Which Character in Moonlight and Oranges are you personality quiz! This is my first time creating such a thing, so if there are any oopsies, please let me know!

5. Looks like you’re getting two photos, since I thought you’d want to see more than a little plant this week! If I were ever in post apocalyptic film about a band of raiders, it would look something like this. You all know I like to dress up. Here’s more evidence:


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  1. The quiz seemed to go fine for me until I was done, and then it said “submitting quiz results: 0%”. It could just be something with my browser, though, and not with the quiz. 🙂

    I love Friday Five.

    1. Hannah, I’ve heard from several folks that it worked for them, so I’d try it in a different browser. I want to know which character you get! 🙂 Also, if it still doesn’t work, please let me know. What browser did you originally try it in?

      1. Well, I originally tried it in Mozilla Firefox… but that’s what I just got it to work in. So it must have just been a fluke that it didn’t work. And I’m Lorona, yay!

        1. Good to hear it’s working! And yay for Lorona! She’s awesome.

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