Sleep, little child, and dream for me Dream me a white-plumed apple tree All a-bloom in the early spring Dream me a song to sing -“Apple Tree,” Songs from Dreamland From lullabies to We-Sing videos, I spent hours and hours of my childhood singing. I never forgot what I sang. There was collection of lullabies called Songs from Dreamland that my parents played on a cassette…


Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Christina Esdon

It's my delight to introduce you today to my friend Christina Esdon. Christina and I met through our publisher and discovered a shared passion for all things theatrical, including whimsical costumes and singing. I'd like to have a karaoke party with her some day. Christina writes with heart and tenderness. You'll see it in her writing here and you'll find it in her book Work in…


Friday Five

This week, in honor of the music theme of my Monday post, I’m selecting some favorite songs that describe my week and state of mind.  If you click to the YouTube videos, I suggest not watching the videos with them (the images ruin the magic for me, personally) but if you listen to them, you’ll get a soundtrack for my week. I am the Luckiest, Ben…


Stolen by Song

How many times have you found a song that’s so mesmerizing, it actually transports you somewhere else while you’re listening to it? Songs have always haunted me, especially the lyrics. Whether it’s the opening melody to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as I zoom through the forest toward the castle, or the heartbreaking soundtrack from Once, my brain slips into another realm where inspiration encircles me,…


Music Calms the Savage Breast…and Whets the Creative Knife

Give a song lyric and a one sentence pitch for what your story is about.  This was the prompt that lead me to enter the writing contest hosted by Larry Brooks at The idea inspired me.  Writing contests are great practice for presenting yourself, but it's even better when they stir something inside you.  A week later I was in for a delightful surprise. I sifted through the words…


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