Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Rhyn

New Interview on Marni Mann’s Blog

I met Marni Mann via twitter.  You may have seen her guest post here a few weeks ago in the Because I Knew You series.  Marni invited me over to her blog for an unusual interview-- she invented the funnest, most off-the-wall questions she could think of for my interview and sent them over. I laughed and got to work. If you're interested in learning a thing…


Personality Tests and Self-Regulation

I love personality tests: Answering a string of questions about myself and getting results that tell me something (usually positive) about who I am at my core has always felt affirming. I’m an ESFJ on the Myers-Briggs, a dIsC on the DISC Assessment, an Aphrodite/Hera on the Goddess Within test, and so on…You might gather I really like these tests. Whether you enjoy personality tests, or just consider…


My Life in Red

I considered titling this post CONFESSIONS OF AN ADRENALINE JUNKIE.  You'll see why. I never considered myself an addictive personality, especially not when it came to my productivity and social life, but that was just ignorance blindsiding me.  It was very sneaky about it. Some of you read my fog and purpose post two weeks ago about a depression that was troubling me enough to post as documentation…


Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Michelle Blair Fuller

A savvy traveler, dreamer, and delightful writer, I'm thrilled to introduce you to my good friend, Michelle Fuller!  Michelle and I crossed paths at the University of Washington while the two of us were swing dancing through undergrad.  I remember one fateful night in which we sang, full-throttle, Part of Your World from Disney's The Little Mermaid, and after that, our friendship was forever set in stone. …


Guest Post by Gale Martin

I'm am pleased to share with you a guest post from my friend and fellow writer, Gale Martin.  Gale and I met through our publisher, Booktrope, and in the short time we've known each other, she's already been a source of warmth and encouragement to me.  Gale has a generous heart and an inspiring story to share about how she forged her path on the writing…


Because I Knew You – Guest Post by Marni Mann

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Marni Mann, a talented writer with a fun streak that I love.  Marni and I met via Twitter, and we both had our first novels published through Booktrope Editions within the last six months, which makes us sisters in the publishing family. Marni inspires me with her spunk, her compassion, and her kindness.  In this post she courageously explores…


Fog and Purpose

This post may strike you as rather philosophical, but there are seasons of our lives--and minds--when nothing else fits the bill. You hate it when the status quo is simply to pretend like everything is always fine and dandy, right?  And you equally hate it when people you know launch themselves from crisis to crisis as if they truly inhabit an endless chain of traumatic evens and…


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