TIGHTROPE – A new short story

I’ve always loved circuses. There’s a sense of magic and darkness always present.

Today I’d proud to present my newest release — a short story eBook — for your reading pleasure.

tightrope_coverYou saw me unveil this cover for this a few days ago.

Now the real thing is here!

You can download it to your e-reader from Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

And you know what would make me thrilled? If you posted a review for me. Reviews are gold to authors, and TIGHTROPE would appreciate a little love from y’all.

For those who missed the cover reveal and book description, here’s the scoop on TIGHTROPE’s story:

On his first summer home from college, Thomas’s quest for an interesting job leads him to the striped tents of a touring circus where he enters a chaotic world of stunning lights and magical performances that mask a terrifying darkness beneath.

As he navigates the frightening and wondrous shadows, Thomas meets a colorful cast that includes a no-nonsense fortune-teller, a menacing acrobat, and a beautiful tightrope walker. Thomas soon discovers that the ringmaster’s world is not just ugly, but also perilous, and throws himself into an impulsive rescue mission that could cost him everything.


Click to buy TIGHTROPE on Amazon.com

Click to buy TIGHTROPE on Barnes and Noble


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