Cover Reveal – TIGHTROPE

I am thrilled to announce that my short story, TIGHTROPE is almost ready to show the world!

Take a look at this gorgeous cover, designed by the talented Daniel Ramer. We used live models, which made the process feel oh-so-Hollywood since I got to be there for a good chunk of the shoots. I love the final product!

To whet your appetite, here’s a glimpse of TIGHTROPE’s storyline:

On his first summer home from college, Thomas’s quest for an interesting job leads him to the striped tents of a touring circus where he enters a chaotic world of stunning lights and magical performances that mask a terrifying darkness beneath.

As he navigates the frightening and wondrous shadows, Thomas meets a colorful cast that includes a no-nonsense fortune-teller, a menacing acrobat, and a beautiful tightrope walker. Thomas soon discovers that the ringmaster’s world is not just ugly, but also perilous, and throws himself into an impulsive rescue mission that could cost him everything.


TIGHTROPE will be released exclusively in eBook format by Booktrope Publishing.

I’ll keep you posted on the details!



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  1. ooh that’s lovely. It’s really eye-catching. Love the images merging with the smoky shadows.

    1. I really like the smoky shadows around the images, too. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Tina!

  2. Um that tight rope walker looks extremely familiar!

    1. Indeed. 🙂 That woman on the rope might even be related to you!

  3. And the fortune teller looks VAGUELY familiar…

  4. Very intriguing! Congratulations and best of luck!

    1. Thanks, Jan! I hope this cover pulls in lots of readers. 🙂

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