Grace Note

This year has sparkled with good things--I don't say this flippantly. I truly sleep without interruption most nights. My children are 75% potty-trained, as a whole. Our house projects are minor and not choking us every weekend. Homeschooling is good--full of challenges, discoveries, walls and breakthroughs. James and I are close--we laugh together, plan our strategies, share our fears, encourage each other. My 2018 New Year's…


Pushing On/Pushing Back

In my twenties, running as fast and hard as I could seemed like the best way to ensure I was climbing my ambition in the right direction. But now, more than ten years past my college graduation...I'm seriously assessing the cost of such behavior and asking myself, What do I pay for in mental fragility, depletion of emotional reserves, temper with my kids, and closeness with…


Handle with Care

If I were an item of clothing with my own ‘care instructions’ tag, it would probably read something like this: “regularly moisturize with kind words, feed daily doses of chocolate, exert gentle, routine exercise, and maintain healthy diet for happy demeanor.” Yes, I’m aware of what I need. But do I do it? The truth is, though I’d never encourage someone to skip their own self-care…


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