Fantasy Mystery – “Drowned Prison”

I'm pleased to present you with a new story for the new year! "Drowned Prison" appears in Galaxy's Edge #48 and is now available! I get to share this issue with talented and established SFF authors as well as with Kai Wolden and Mica Scotti Kole, two fellow Writers of the Future authors from WOTF 35. My story is a mystery set in a rather creepy…


An Unusual Detective: A Review

Looking at the world through another's eyes can be enchanting, funny, disturbing or profound. Christopher Boone's avid attention to detail in this first-person canine murder mystery makes this story both funny and heartwarming. A dog is discovered brutally skewered with a garden rake in the yard of Christopher's next door neighbor.  His investigations follow the logic of Christopher's revered Sherlock Holmes and continue dig up more trouble than answers, but he does not…


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