Slow Down (, Elise!)

Slow Down (, Elise!)

If you’ve read my two-part post about slowing down, the following announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise to you:

I’m going to slow down and consolidate the different places I’m writing.

I realized that I’ve stretched myself too thin by writing individual blog posts, newsletter articles, and Patreon updates, while also homeschooling, doing freelance work, and writing my own fiction.

I, of course, reached this realization in a very emotional epiphany that I wasn’t expecting. Tears were shed (of course they were). That’s my style.

The simplified solution: I’m going to keep posting updates and publishing news, but I’ll mainly do that in my Patreon community.

I would love you to come join me!

You can join and follow me on Patreon for free or, if you want to financially support me, there are options for that, too. Totally up to you! Whichever you choose, I’d really love to keep in touch!

I will continue to share my life and writing updates, it just won’t be as frequent here on this particular blog.

I really hope to see you over there! Let me know if you have any questions about connecting on Patreon. I’m happy to help!

All my best,



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