Happy Birthday, Little Man!


My dear little one,

Every month you inch farther away from “little” and closer to “big.”

Now you are two years old.

Big brown eyes, mouth that laughs readily, fingers that point and poke and touch, hands that clap and nestle inside of mine while we walk together.

I’ve watched you learn your first words. I’ve seen you glow with pride as you identity the “moo” (moon) in the sky and heard you tell the crows “Caw! Caw!” I’ve watched you sniff fervently in the air when you see a flower, because you’ve been taught they’re good for smelling. I’ve introduced you to your beloved foods of pears, raspberries, doughnuts, and fruit juice.

This year:

P1030012You learned how to play at the beach.

You fell in love with the shape of stars and made little “twinkle” motions with your hands every time you saw one.

You learned to walk, to dance, to run.

P1020666You chortle with glee when a playground draws into view.

You declared the names of the people you love. Dada! Mama! Teita! (Grandma) Jiddo! (Grandpa) Koka! (Auntie Erika).

imageYou had your first visit to the ER and got your first stitches. (Poor Daddy was watching you when you cut your head on a wall corner).

You learned to play with friendly animals and give them hugs.

You have tried out singing and humming with your little vocal cords.

P1030718You like music so much, you’ll point at our music player and bob your head from side to side.

You learned to give kisses without sticking your tongue out. You also learned to blow kisses.

You discovered that climbing is best for all surfaces, including the kitchen table, the bathroom countertop, the backs of the couches.

20150519_122457You fell into a passionate relationship with books. You can’t get enough of them. Your favorite place to sit while a story is ready to you: in my lap where I can kiss your head of curls.

farmer GeorgeYou are your own person, my son. You are full of life, expressive, affectionate, and strong-willed. You are my sunshine and the reason for that happy, warm, exhausted spot in my chest.

Happy birthday, little man. So glad you’re here!

Love always,




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  1. A wonderful ode from a beautiful mommy to a precious son! I can’t imagine life without him now. He is such a part of the family!

    1. He can’t be replaced, can he? A new-ish little someone we can’t do without!

  2. This is beautiful, Elise! Happy birthday to a fantastic two-year-old!

    1. Thanks Rebekah! It’s wonderful to have so many friends who love him.

  3. What a lucky boy! Not only to have you as a mom teaching him to walk in your own path of beauty but because, as the talented writer you are, you just gave him a gift that will last forever. Like a fly caught in amber – his two year old self reflected in you eyes!

    1. Thank you, Liz! I hadn’t even thought of that, but it’s true! I can save these mommy memories for when he’s old enough to read them!

  4. Happy birthday little cutie! God bless you. This is very beautiful .

    Lots of love <3 🙂

    1. Thank you! I feel quite blessed to have this little one in my life!

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