Family and All

I love my family.  I was home schooled up through most of high school and I learned a lot about getting along with people and loving someone despite all of their flaws before I had dated anyone.  I practiced a lot on my family.  Family, when it’s strong, sticks with you through thick and thin and is a place of support

Characters, unless they are loners and I don’t tend to write about these much, should have some sort of family.  They needn’t be blood-related, but they should be kindred.  A place where the protagonist feels at home, a safe place to state his thoughts without worrying whether they are politically correct.  Keep this in mind when you put your protagonist through the ordeals she will face.

As a side note, families that are blood related have an easy time harmonizing because their vocal chords are similarly constructed. This is my family: my mom, my brother, my sister and I singing at a benefit concert, We Are Priceless, to raise awareness about human trafficking that is happening right here in Washington.


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