Elise Stephens is Creating Science Fiction & Fantasy

Elise Stephens is Creating Science Fiction & Fantasy

Today’s post is short! Because the link I’m going to share will take you to my recently launched Patreon page and there you can listen to the short video I recorded on my Elise Stephens Patreon Page.

Basically, I’m creating a way for friends and fans to support the writing I’m doing. I’ve encountered many lovely people who want to help support my writing, but aren’t sure how they might do that. Patreon is one way of letting people support and encourage me while letting me keep connected to my patrons in an on-going and personal way.

If you are interested, or just want to watch a video clip in which I attempt to be candid and professional about the costs behind my writing life (you can hear my kiddos squawking in the background), feel free to pop on over. 🙂

Clicking the image below will take you to my Patreon page:


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