Creative Republic: A Geographical Overview

Since I’ve dubbed my world The Creative Republic, I thought I’d give you a peek at the map of my landmarks and favorite places.

mountainsMountains-In the distance rise the towering spires of the achievements I dream about. I yearn to climb them with quick and powerful strokes, but every day isn’t a mountain-climbing day, and sometimes I have to turn my back to them and stare instead at the sea.

seaSea-Water has always been a source of calm for me. I see ocean from the study window of my palace (you’ll hear more about this place soon) and it reminds me of just how small I am, how I don’t have to accomplish monumental things, only the passions that I know in my heart are my personal responsibility.

palacePalace-The tall windows let in huge swaths of light. Occasional music filters through the quiet halls, but not enough to distract me. My palace is beautiful retreat where I create in stillness. I emerge from it a stronger person.

villageVillage-Near my palace lays the clustered cottages in which my closest creative friends dwell. This circle includes painters, dancers, actors, screenwriters, poets, singers, and designers. I spend long amounts of time sharing ideas, receiving encouragement, giving each other suggestions for how to improve. I know for a certainty that I’d tear down my palace walls on my own head if not for these visits to the village.

(This post will be continued. It’s the first in a two- or three-part series of my Creative Republic map)

Have you ever thought to map of your Creative Territory? What would be a landmark on your map?

Read Part Two here.


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