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It’s here!  Moonlight and Oranges is officially for sale on and in both paperback and eBook!

You can look to the right of this post at the snazzy link that takes you right to to purchase it. 

Now that the moment has finally arrived, (“This is real, Elise. You’re not dreaming.  The numbness and disbelief is perfectly normal and proportional to how badly you’ve wanted this.”) I find myself thinking of the people who made this possible. 

When I talk about the folks that helped bring this book to fruition, that isn’t codeword for business connections that I made at some wine and dine party in New York.  I’ve never been to New York.  I’d love to go someday, and if I can sneak out there with my engineer husband on a work-related site visit to Coney Island, I’ll have finally been there.  But that’s not for a couple more years.

The people who brought me here aren’t sitting in corner offices with gorgeous views of some metropolitan expanse.  

You brought me here because you are…

  • The friend who read draft after draft (especially my mom) of my stuff with excitement each and every time.  
  • You are the friend who looked me right in the eye at a coffee shop after I’d spilled some vulnerable insecurity in my own work and said, “Don’t stop writing.” 
  • You are the friend who asked me again and again when you could get your own copy of my book.
  • You are the friend who gladly shared the people and resources in your sphere of contacts to help another artist find her audience. 
  • You are the kind friend who shamelessly plugged me and my work when I got shy and swallowed my tongue.
  • And above all these things, you are God who gave me the creativity and talent to start writing in the first place. 

It’s been a long, slow, journey and I still have many things to learn.  But it’s wonderful to stand at last on this step, catch my breath for a moment, and look how far I’ve climbed.

I thank all of you from the bottom of my nervous, excited, and grateful heart.  Moonlight and Oranges has been born and she’s a very beautiful baby girl!

What’s the biggest, most enormous event in your life that you can think of?  Your graduation day?  Your wedding?  The time when your first piece of art was made public to a large group of people?  What did it feel like?  What thoughts were flying through your mind?


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