Looking Back: 2014

The year of 2014 is drawing to a close and what a crazy year its been. To close it out, I am looking back on some of the milestones and lessons that visited me. January-On our trip to Walt Disney World I remembered the fairy tale birthright that my mother passed along to me. April-I defended my choice to be something more than just a mother.…


In Defense of Tragedy

            When I cry, I remember why forever. When I laugh, I forget about it tomorrow. –Anonymous   I’m trying my hand at a few definitions of sad things that we might experience:   Tragedy—def: the destruction of human lives or hearts on a massive scale. A loss of profound consequences. Tear-jerker—def: you know after witnessing this kind of movie or…


One of the Siblings

Anyone who’s ever gotten married and spent a major family holiday with the in-laws knows that it can be awkward at first. No amount of love and welcome can make the different traditions and communication styles feel effortless to the “stranger." And by this, I mean the one who is only included because of their spouse, not because of a lifetime of memories and shared blood.…

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