Looking Back: 2014

Fireworks 28The year of 2014 is drawing to a close and what a crazy year its been. To close it out, I am looking back on some of the milestones and lessons that visited me.

January-On our trip to Walt Disney World I remembered the fairy tale birthright that my mother passed along to me.

April-I defended my choice to be something more than just a mother. Honestly, it was a frightening moment for me.

June-The realization sank in that being famous just doesn’t need to be an ambition of mine.

July-Meeting one of my revered authors in the flesh and studying writing under him. Orson Scott Card is both tough and kind.

August-Seeing my son turn one year old and realizing how much we’ve both grown.

September-Releasing my Indiana Jones style adventure short story, The Lost Eyes. (I wrote that sucker in a long weekend. I’ve never done such frantic, focused work in my life.

October-Getting faith and love from a fellow parent and novelist. “You’re a real writer. You won’t stop.”

December-That sense of belonging as I understood I was finally settling in with the in-laws. Specifically, my brothers and sisters of different blood.

I hope this year is ending on an encouraging note for you and your loved ones. See you in 2015!




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