Creative Republic: A Geographical Overview

Since I've dubbed my world The Creative Republic, I thought I’d give you a peek at the map of my landmarks and favorite places. Mountains-In the distance rise the towering spires of the achievements I dream about. I yearn to climb them with quick and powerful strokes, but every day isn’t a mountain-climbing day, and sometimes I have to turn my back to them and stare…



It was one of those synchronistic moments—she and I had chosen a long list of exactly the same presentations to attend as part of our freshman orientation, but then it surpassed a funny coincidence. We couldn’t stop talking. She asked me about my family, and though I answered with the usual bits of info (number of my siblings and their ages), she immediately told me about…



As a little girl, my favorite color was red for the longest time, but then the Power Rangers came along and I switched it to yellow (because the Red Ranger was a boy and I wasn’t about to be like every other girl who liked the Pink Ranger.) Colors are clearly emotional for me. Yesterday I was painting a landscape for my husband (see below). He…


What Is It about the Future?

As bad for me as it may be, I constantly want to know my future. It’s probably got something to do with my over-active planner gene that came into full expression sometime during college. I understand the fear of the unknown, the anxiety that just wants to get to the “other side” so I know what I’m up against. I find it impossible to not be…


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