“For gosh sakes, treat them better than they deserve! Who would ever escape misery, otherwise?” -Hamlet (liberally paraphrased by Elise Stephens)   I have begun the most demanding creative project of my life. Growing a little human being inside of me is a harrowing, mystical, and unparalleled experience. I am a mother. I will raise another life to the light. I am flat on my back,…


Strange Beauty

On the back of my laptop is an orange oblong sticker that reads, Beauty will save the world. It’s no coincidence that my favorite fairy tale of all time is Beauty and the Beast. A young girl enters a dark stone castle in order to save her father, and through the power of her friendship, shreds the spell that enshrouded the selfish heart of a prince…


Woman of Real Character

There are very very VERY few celebrities I’ll admit that I admire. However, there is one woman, an actress, who time and again has shown me she will reach for something funny or spunky instead of grabbing at the overused mystique of a sexy, unreachable female who is, well, an object. Every time I see Emily Blunt perform, she embodies the character of a flesh and…


No Such Thing as a Small Mercy

Something small grows into something powerful. In the new powerful film version of Les Miserables, two small things grow to enormous proportions—Jean Valjean’s crime and the mercy that Valjean receives through the priest. Valjean stole bread to feed a starving nephew and served nineteen years in prison as a result.  Yet, upon his release, when he’s caught stealing silver from the priest’s house, the priest calls…


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